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There’s something about Denzel Curry that most people don’t understand. Far beyond his years, Denzel Rae Don Curry, a 23-year old rapper Carol City,

Breakout artist Queen Naija returns with “Karma.” Moving on from the post break-up revenge fantasies of her first single, “Medicine,” Queen takes comfort in the concept of karma and examines her

Rising star Ta'Shan releases new empowering anthem ‘Foodie’. Premiered yesterday via Hunger, the song calls out to all the unapologetic food lovers who embrace their bodies and

Today, Denzel Curry is back to share a new video for "Clout Cobain”. Watch HERE. The visual follows Denzel's previously-released tracks "Percs" and “Sumo", and finds him at

B Young broke through the scene towards the end of 2017 with his huge single ''Jumanji.'' Now back with his summer 18' single ''079ME'',

Reek & Sage release their brand new music video titled "G2KU". The beautiful instrumental arranged by Sage features additional production by SAYJACKSON that results

London native WhoisORION addresses modern day courtship in his new music video 'Kiss Face Pending.'' Playful with melody, flow and lyrics, WhoIsOrion touches on