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Once I managed to find hip hop culture in Hong Kong, I felt like I’d never left home. Before travelling to Hong Kong, South

A Nomad by definition is someone who is never home, or thought not to have any roots to a particular place. Often, they are

Having presented their Fall/Winter 2018 collection at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, Daily Paper have now collaborated with film director Sharif Abdel Mawla

1. What do you smell like right now? Greatness mixed with a lil B.O, looool. 2. How would your last partner sum you up in 3

Individuality in music is something a lot of artists struggle with. In a current climate where the Internet is the main influencer, artists can

UK Grime and Afrobeats. Two strictly opposing genres. One, saturated by the gritty tales and brutal bass lines of inner city life; the other,

Everywhere and Nowhere: Where Has Regionality Gone? Regional authenticity has always been fundamental to hip hop, but with the rise of the Internet and

Combine a food obsession with a seriously gangster attitude and you get MOOK Pancakes. It’s THE Pancake spot in Amsterdam, serving up the sweet

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