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With reality raps reflecting the harsh environment growing up in


Miggy is a filmmaker and video director responsible for visuals


You should be familiar with his work if you've been lurking on Travis Scott’s Instagram, but in case you’re yet to discover RAYSCORRUPTEDMIND, meet

With a hit song like ‘Bank Account’, 21 Savage is the perfect cover star for the Get Money issue of Viper. Having aggressively worked

The wonder-kid phenomenon that has stunned people for years; you know those underaged, high achieving individuals - child prodigies if you will. Many would

I grew up on the Spice Girls. Wearing awkward crop tops, jelly shoes and glitter lip gloss, while my sister played Pac from the bedroom.

“See something you want, take it for a ride, have some fun with it and then ditch it. That’s what we do with everything these

You were originally a B-girl, what was it like being a part of the culture so early on? It was amazing, when you're young

In a U.K. music scene that’s thriving with young, hungry talent ready to claim thrones, the seemingly revolving door can keep attentions away from

Firstly, briefly introduce yourself. I’m Spryo, I'm from East London and I’ve been DJ-ing for the best part of 20 years. I started producing records around

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