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Recently dropping his 6th studio album 'FEVER' the Detroit native


You're an up and coming group and the first question


You know what’s mad about what my favourite mixtape; as an artist I rarely listen to people’s music, except for stuff that I want

Brittany Byrd dyed her brows pink, drew over her tote with crank markers and recently designed Lil Uzi Vert’s tour merchandise. The LA-raised creative moved to

Last Thursday night was a special one down in South London. In front of a sold out crowd, rapper Jesse James Solomon headlined his

My favourite mixtape, since I really became interested in music, has to be Skepta’s Blacklisted. That tape means a lot to me because I’m

To choose a favourite mixtape of mine is hard but if I have to go for one, it would be Lil Wayne’s Dedication 2,

My favourite mixtape that comes to mind first, because I hate using the word ‘ever’ because it could change tomorrow, but it has to

Coops has been on the come up for a long time. From the genesis of his career and the highlight of opening up for

My favourite mixtape has to be Lil Wayne’s Da Drought 3, that shit was life changing for everybody. It was a big mixtape for the

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