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Due to popular demand, 'my favourite mixtape' has made its


Up and coming Jazz influenced London rapper Louis VI is


The UK's music scene is diversifying radically. If you're into electro feeling hip-hop there's an artist for that. If you're into afrobeats with a

Emerging Journalist, filmmaker, model (represented by Models 1) and presenter the very talented Fenn O’meally is a paramount creative for the next generation. Fenn is a

The UK has always been acknowledged for having a diverse music scene and breeding a lot of talented artists. I believe we are currently

Recently dropping his 6th studio album 'FEVER' the Detroit native Black Milk still has a lot more to say. The album is very refreshing,

You're an up and coming group and the first question always is, how did you guys come together? Gabriel: We actually all met in church and

We asked MC Fudz about the impact his favourite mixtape has had on him

He first went Silver earlier on this year, transcended to Gold and then sold out his UK tour. You really don't have to look

South London’s 20-year old RnB Jaz Karis combines vocals reminiscent of Lauryn Hill & Alicia Keys, embodying a voice accomplished beyond her years and

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