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Last night marked an immense celebration of true magic assembled by a remarkable creative initiative that is 4BySix. As seen spearheading through creative mediums to champion awareness of homelessness in the UK and to proactively combat the issue, 4BySix can respectively say they’ve truly been doing the most. Having triumphed official art & fashion collaborations with some of the worlds most illustrious artists and designers such as Mr Stash, Shepard Fairey & Charli Cohen, the wait was finally over to exhibit the masterful artworks to an exclusive audience at London’s wondrous Leydens London Gallery, Shoreditch. The Leydon London space which houses striking works from Damien Hirst, Banksy & Andy Warhol was taken over by 4BySix’s founders, Milo Phillips & Alex Dawber where together, harnessed together by a team of dedicated supporters saw the Contemporary Art House transform into a thriving hub in commemoration of the 4BySix movement. 

The 3 Day exhibition is now open and available to view till 15th December 2019, providing an immersive experience and an attractive showcase of fine art and street art. From its beginnings, 4BySix have made a continuous effort to combat the major homelessness issue and raise money to convert a London double-decker bus into a creative living space for homeless people in London. Setting themselves a respectable £50,000 goal in partnership with notable* Charity Buses 4 Homeless, 4BySix is determined to make a real difference using the income from their t-shirt sales and 100% of all artworks sold will go towards the conversion of a double-decker bus into accommodation for homeless people. More than just a t-shirt brand, the humbling clothing label turned creative initiative is proud to present thier much-anticipated projects which have nervously been kept under wraps for some time.


The open exhibition features the talented works of the legendary contemporary street artist & OBEY Giant Shepard Fairey, Ryca,  London visual artist Ben Ashton, who’s work combines precision in execution with humour and character, Gucci Ghost curator & profound creative Trouble Andrew & Graffiti culture king Mr Stash. In addition to the incredible formation of artists, 4BySix does not stop there and offers collaborations with “technical fashion” designer Charli Cohen who blends high-performance fabrics with high-fashion design as shown with a sustainable long zipped custom jacket & Ryan Hawaii who’s Gucci customised bag sits righteously in the galleries lower floor. British designer Alicia Robinson also collaborated with 4BySix by producing a one-of-a-kind knitwear sweater, so beautiful it caught the eyes of every head in the gallery. 

The artworks are all incredibly relative to 4BySix’s current mission to transform one of London’s double-decker buses as some masterpieces are actual fragments/objects from a London bus with the rest of the artworks either being a London bus model itself, and sustainable and upcycled fabrics made from 4BySix’s very own t-shirts. 

Do not miss the chance to exhibit the impeccable showcase curated by 4BySix and visit Leydens London by the 15th December at, 9 Leyden St, Spitalfields, London E1 7LE- Buy Today, Fund Tomorrow – Support the cause at www.4bysix.com


Photographed by Kev Tuyen 

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