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Temz is back with two new singles accompanied by a two part video drop for Profits/Relax. A renowned comic book and movie advocate, Temz Clipstar is the youthful artist bringing his fresh sounds into the present. Soon to release his debut EP next week, The Greatest Trip,Viper chats with South London born and raised artist to talk characters, music and early beginnings.


Would you like to start by introducing yourself to Viper. Who is Temz Clipstar?

Temz  clipstar is a wavey mother ******* that just so happens to make amazing music.


Talk to me about your name and how it represents you as an artist.

It’s a name that was given to me when the mandem was running round the town doing things we did. The clipstar part of the name is more to me like a surname and represents the crew of people that I came up with.


Lets chat about your early life and growing up in the capital. How was this experience for you?

It was fun and also reckless at the same time. I defo took risks that the older me now looks back at like, yeah that was some dumb ass shit. I’m south London born and raised so most of my early life was spent venturing around there. I didn’t realise North and North West were different places until I was like 18.

When did you begin to see yourself in the music industry and what has helped you along your journey?

Umm I would say probably last year. I had been making music for a while but the moment I decided to actually apply myself and started receiving recognition from my peers made it feel more “industry” like. I have a very strong support system which I have always turned to if I feel the need to; some of them are in the music industry too and others are just doing their own thing.


I know you’ll be releasing your EP soon. Let’s talk about your new project and the process.

So I have never released a project before so my process for this was all about the feelings of what I wanted this to all to sound like cohesively and once I had worked that out, me and my producer/engineer and overall gangster Fergus Martin had about 6 sessions over a 2 month period dedicated to making it. It involved many variations of the same song at times untill we felt that we had built a mini masterpiece.


Lets talk about movies and comics. I know these have been an influence for you. Do you want to talk about some of your favourites?

My favourite comic books are Xmen, easily. I feel like as a team or group they are always slighted by everyone else in the Marvel universe because before being superheroes they are actually a race/species and seen as the next generation in human evolution so the public never take to them as they do to the other heroes because they sort of fear them. It’s such an interesting dynamic.

Movies – I love rom coms and science fiction (dystopian) more than anything and especially when the two link into each other like “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”, “the one I love” or “ex machina” *chefs kiss*

If you could relive the life of a character either from a movie or a comic (or both) who would it be and why?

Defo Cyclops from Xmen, that’s my guy. I feel like his journey never gets portrayed correctly in the movies or television shows as he’s always seen as the neeky Boy Scout when really he’s a bad boy man. He’s a proper team leader that takes sacrifices and until recently he was basically a villain.

Movie I don’t know man…probably my man from Mission Impossible because how many time has the mission been impossible and he’s done his ting!

Are there any other avenues within entertainment that you would consider to branch into?

Honestly maybe films one day or even creating my own comic book, that would be a lot of fun.


What does the future hold for Temz Clipstar?

Creating more amazing visuals more projects. Really I just wanna be in a position where I’m able to do this for the rest of my life.


What are you listening to on repeat at the moment? Who do we need to get to know about?

Right now I’m listening to the 1975’s latest album which I have on repeat and also Rodwave and Lil Tjay.

Interview by Rachel Abebrese.

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