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Linae is the Swedish born female artist with an array of soulful melodies, placing gentle singings to instrumentals rhythmic to the heart. A varied library of influences, it is clear that her deep-rooted talent is here to flourish and mature. Recently spending some time in London, Viper catches up with Linae to learn about the artist behind the tender vocals.


Would you like to start by introducing yourself to Viper. Who is Linae?

I’m a firecracker with a Tinkerbell haircut. 


I know that you have spent some time in London. What has brought you here and what are your thoughts on our city?

I didn’t really know anyone who made music before I met Lukipop, the producer of my last three singles. I have been to London before, but this time I’m here making new music! I recently started working with new writers and producers and I’m really starting to like being in the studio with all these really talented people. It’s nice to see what you can come up with, with different people, because I learn so much. London is really cool, I enjoy it here! 


Talk to me about your early life and growing up. 

I’ve been a music nerd my whole life, but at a young age I was far more interested in becoming a dancer than focusing on my own voice. I always sang but I didn’t really have the confidence to do it in front of people. I remember when I started in a choir school back in Sweden and every class I was just miming because I was so insecure about my own voice. It wasn’t until I turned 21 that I decided to pursue a professional singing career. 


Has your music taste shifted through the years?

I grew up with a lot of Soul and R&B so that’s always something I fall back on, but then obviously I’ve been listening to a lot of different music during different episodes of my life. When I go back to some old playlist I’m like, ”what the f**k was I listening to?”

I know you have recently released your single ‘Right There’. Talk to me about this and what’s behind the track?

The single is about having passionate love for another person and being able to be in the moment and please each other. Almost getting high on someone else’s touch. This song has been written and rewritten so many times, but there was just something about it I just couldn’t let go of, so I’m super happy that I was finally able to release it and that it turned out so amazing. 


Having spoken to a lot of artists recently I’ve had a lot of discussions about the process of music production and performance. Talk to me about how these two processes are for you.

It’s a different process every time. Sometimes I actually really just sit with it, close my eyes and let my brain run free type of thing, but a lot of times it’s way more difficult. At times you just have to let a song rest for a bit, to come back to it later if that makes sense? I also think I work best when I’m by myself in my own room, but I’ve started to appreciate working with new people recently. It can make the process a lot more fun to have somebody to talk to and vibe with. I’m also still figuring out how I can be a better singer, writer and performer in general. I don’t ever think I will stop trying to improve that.


Moving on let’s discuss style. This seems like something very apparent in your music videos. How would you describe your personal style?

I love clothing and I love dressing up. Dressing up has always been a pleasure not a pressure. For me, it’s more about having fun with it. The way I dress shows my mood, so how I’m feeling is pretty much always going to show in what I’m wearing. If I’m really happy you’ll definitely see me strutting down the street in something very extravagant!


What are the next steps in this journey?

I’m not in a hurry for a change. Just know that you will definitely see more of me soon. I will be busy in the studio finishing up for my debut EP that’s coming early 2020.


Finally, what are you listening to at the moment?

I’m really into this project by Jayla Darden atm called ”Onto Something” and Meshell Ndegeocello’s album “Plantation Lullabies”! 

Interview by Rachel Abebrese.

Photography by Sara Dehlin.

Make Up by Bessan Cewers.

Jewellery by Eivy Flodin.

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