[STYLE] Acia Studio Escapes To The Rave For The HAUS Party Collection - Viper
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[STYLE] Acia Studio Escapes To The Rave For The HAUS Party Collection

Diving into the brands’ inspiration of underground and the rave scene, the latest collection from Independent London-based label Acia Studio pulls references from the arguably the fondest parties of all, the ‘HAUS Party’. We’ve come to notice that rave culture has played a positive role in shaping the brand. The way it brings people together for a shared love of the music or the experience.

The collection provokes a notable flush of nostalgia, it brings a sense of open-mindedness and draws crowds from all walks of life. Consisting of two statement set of pants shining through a lively orange with paint detailing, the second pant sees a petrol blue rendition technical nylon track pants with external front pockets. Waterproof PU coated nylon in petrol blue. Drawstring at elasticised waistband and drawstring with toggles at cuffs. Acia furthermore reveals t-shirts with subtle references to those who understand, 3 of the tees inc motifs commonly overheard at house parties and appealing to those who get it.

“Everything about raves speaks to underground culture. It is generally underground music associated with raves as well as the setup, the activities and rules (or lack of). A rave sums up Acia well: being all about the underground, influenced by music and a brand whose core values are to “conform against the masses” or going against the structured path society dictates to you” – The Creative Director of Acia, Suril.

The full collection is now available online at www.aciastudio.com – coming in perfect time for Winter.

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