[STYLE] 4BYSIX Join Creative Forces With Ryan Hawaii For Reconstructed 1/1 Gucci Bag To Combat Homelessness - Viper
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[STYLE] 4BYSIX Join Creative Forces With Ryan Hawaii For Reconstructed 1/1 Gucci Bag To Combat Homelessness

4BYSIX is no ordinary t-shirt brand, the humbling clothing label created by Alex Dawber is determined to be more than just a t-shirt brand. Later joined by Milo Phillips in 2017, the two began to start using the income from their t-shirt sales to fund projects for good, and there the premise for the brand started; 40% of all sales fund the project happening now, and 60% goes into the next project, to convert a double-decker bus with Buses4Homeless. To support this project 4BYSIX has ongoing collaborations with Nathan Bowen, Charli Cohen, Tristan Eaton, Shepard Fairey and Dave White to name a few. In addition to the elite line-up of artists & designers, 4BYSIX is happy to announce its next collaboration, this time with London artist and designer Ryan Hawaii. Hawaii, as most of us know is one of few founding members of  rap clique Neverland Clan, if you didn’t know… rewind back to Viper The Movie 1 to get acquainted. Ryan has kindly applied his golden touch to this Gucci tote bag in aid of the upcoming Buses4Homeless project, raising money to convert a double-decker bus into a homeless shelter.

One of London’s exciting talents, Ryan Hawaii has already made his mark by designing clothes seen on the backs of Skepta & Goldlink and also has a co-sign from Virgil Abloh to his name. Over the past few years, the artist/musician has been making a name for himself thanks to his talent for turning second-hand items into new pieces and/or works of art and selling them through Catford Factory – a moniker for his studio space and its online iteration. 

“We received the Gucci bag as a donation from Christina Estrada (lookout for the other 2 bags coming soon), and were trying to think of people who could turn it into something magic. Ryan was top of the list so we’re delighted to have him on board.” – Alex Dawber, 4BYSIX

4BYSIX teaming up with Buses4Homeless to convert a London double-decker bus into a creative living space for homeless people in London draws for some serious attention to be raised the capitols homelessness struggles. Whilst 4BYSIX are championing awareness, the money raised will provide 16 beds on the upper deck as well as a creative workshop and rehabilitation centre on the lower deck. Soon to be seen around London, you can track the success and play a part in the journey by visiting www.4bysix.com – The design was entirely painted by hand in his London studio and is for sale online at 4bysix.com

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