[STYLE] Lyle & Scott and Diadora present a nostalgic campaign titled ‘Oh, What Fun?’ - Viper
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[STYLE] Lyle & Scott and Diadora present a nostalgic campaign titled ‘Oh, What Fun?’

The two pioneering brands spent a formative time creating memories and exploring personality and style – inhibitions lost. The “Oh, What Fun?” campaign for Lyle & Scott x Diadora was seen through the impeccable lens of Photographer and visionary Gavin Watson and is a visual representation of the “journey home. Lyle & Scott & Diadora explore the walk home from school, that timeless journey that all generations can relate to. ‘The opportunity for young minds to begin solidifying their beliefs and forging their own personal style. From rival schools, romances and fights; these are the defining moments in your youth that plunge you into the world, developing your character and offering a level of freedom not found in the classroom or at home. No teacher can tell you what to do, and no parents are around to protect you’

The collaborative collection plays on the lovable story being told and straddles across a series of attractive casual and terrace looks, with each contributing their respective expertise to the apparel. The Lyle & Scott x Diadora collection delivers a generous 14 pieces including two full shell tracksuits, sweatshirts, tees, and three-quarter zip-ups, as well as 4 pairs of footwear, in a palette of navies, whites, and burgundies. Diadora plays to their strengths in the sneaker offering, whilst the Lyle & Scott give Heritage elements of iconic sports leisurewear. Trimmed with fine finishing touches, all pieces are branded with a unique combined logo created exclusively for the collaboration.

The collection is available from September 9th, 2019 at Lyle & Scott’s Edinburgh, Utrecht, and Rotterdam stores, online and select retailers.

Creative Direction: Rich London

Photographer: Gavin Watson

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