[STYLE] Arcminute Gives Us A Glimpse Into Their Ghanaian Heritage In Their New AW19 Campaign  - Viper
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[STYLE] Arcminute Gives Us A Glimpse Into Their Ghanaian Heritage In Their New AW19 Campaign 

The Ghanian Lifestyle brand Arcminute has delivered a tasteful new insight to the autumn season in their latest AW19 campaign titled  ‘Ghana, our home as we see it’.
Envisioned by Alexandra Cipriani and Captured through the lens of remarkable portrait photographer Alex Beer, Arcminute offers a passionate glimpse into their Ghanaian heritage seen through a striking documentation of the communities and growing sub-cultures of Ghana. The insightful journey from Jamestown boxers saw, the women’s Ghanaian national boxing team, bikers and skaters. Arcminute shows strength in the commitment to giving platforms for emerging art, crafts and sound to grow, to put inspiring people and places on the map, and is reflected in the AW19 campaign which pays homage to these groups, a platform to tell their own unique story. Take a look at the story come to life in the new lookbook from Arcminute here, 

The collection consists of a Arcminute all over print cotton hood featuring Ghanian flag hues, the same telling charming is replictated only with closer positioning on a dazzling t-shirt and a noticable statement logo t-shirt in blue. 

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