[STYLE] Alpha Industries take flight with Eastpak for a new line up of bags - Viper
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[STYLE] Alpha Industries take flight with Eastpak for a new line up of bags

With Summer drawing to a close, the mission of reconstructing the autumnal and winter wardrobe has been assigned. Taking the transition to colder, crisp months comes as a challenge, although when it comes down to accessories, look no further than Iconic heritage brand Alpha Industries & timeless functional accessories label Eastpak, who have joined forces to deliver a first look into the fall/winter months with a rotation of utilitarian bags.

Alpha returns to their American army heritage by celebrating its rich culture and quality craftsmanship. The intriguing collaboration unites both icons that surprisingly made their 1950s debuts producing high-performance gear for the US military. The year 2019 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Alpha’s successful existence and since 1959 it has been a consistent ‘the skies the limit’ attitude reflected through its iconic flight and bomber jackets, tagged with recognisable red flight-safety ribbons. Taking a timeless approach to the new bags see the two brands straddle across 3 designs that include a strapped up duffel bag, a trusted backpack seen in those unmistakable olive green and black colourways that are then followed by further urban and on-trend side bag.

The collaboration is now live online at www.alphaindustries.eu



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