[STYLE] Moose Knuckles launches an exclusive collaboration with OVO singer Roy Woods - Viper
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[STYLE] Moose Knuckles launches an exclusive collaboration with OVO singer Roy Woods

One of Canada’s cult-favourite outerwear brands, Moose Knuckle and Roy Woods, Toronto’s swoon-worthy R&B singer, join forces to present the stunning limited release, limited-edition capsule collection.

The intriguing partnership between Woods and Moose Knuckles Canada comes as no surprise, as Moose Knuckles dominate the Canadian outerwear world & the 23-years-young singer Roy Woods begins his musical takeover across Canada. His seamless connect with OVO comes natural, especially since the OVO- signed singer christened the brand’s first flagship store with a performance on November 2017.

The collaboration debuts with the premiere of a mini documentary-style campaign, offering an inside perspective at Woods. The film campaign follows Woods and some of his closest tugs and family through greater Toronto, finally reaching his hometown called Brampton. We take a look deeper into his creative influences and a limited-edition capsule collection. 

“I’m from a small suburb in Toronto called Brampton. Growing up it didn’t feel like a regular suburb. A lot of the people in Brampton aren’t even from there. They come from all different parts of Toronto, whether it be Scarborough, North York, East Toronto — you name it. People originally moved out to cities like this in pursuit of better living, a sense of community, and better opportunities for their children. The city’s changed a lot since I was a kid, but the feeling hasn’t. Brampton is home. I wanted to do this video to show different parts of my city that meant a lot to me growing up, to the world that may not know what it looks like unless they’ve been there. Enjoy.”– Roy Woods.

The capsule collection includes a black tracksuit with red jacquard tape down the sides and Woods’ name on the back, co-branded t-shirts and baseball caps to match.

The exclusive collection is available now at www.mooseknucklescanada.com. Keep up to date on all things Woods, OVO, Music & Fashion here on Viper & Follow Viper on our social media platforms too.


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