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Didi Monsta, known as 45 Degrees, is a musician; stylist; designer; collaborator & a culture leader amongst other things for the new generation with his influence from his aesthetics to his brand to his special lingo. 45 Degrees is from the world of fashion creatives & curators and has recently made way into the music industry with his first project, released in December 2018.
His new single titled “They Don’t Understand”  references to his unique spirit and personality. For the release of the new track, 45 Degrees collaborated with New York City based photographer – Noa Grayevsky in a exclusive editorial combining pieces from his clothing line – 3am Life Was Never The Same

So would you like to start by talking us through your background and

I Was Born in Johannesburg Moved To Mozambique. When I Was Young I Lived in
Mozambique For About 14 Years My Mom is From Mozambique( Maputo) So I Got The
Portuguese Background, My Pops is South African Swati Boys World Simelane Boys in
The House, I Went To Primary School in Mozambique Till Like Grade 9 Then I Moved
To South Africa (Pretoria) To Live With My Pops And Went To An English Institution
Because I Had Language Barrier Problems I Had To For English So I Could Get Ready
For High School.

I’m intrigued to know if there’s a secret connotation behind your name.

Would you like to talk to Viper about ‘45 Degrees’?
45 Degrees is About Highest Form Of Energy Through Music, Expressing My Emotions
Through Music, Represent Positivity To The Youth Inspire Others So They Can Inspire
Others In A Positive Way!

How do you think your background has influenced your music?

I Come From An Artist Family Pretty Much. My Late Uncle Used To Be A Musician, My
Aunt A Designer, My Other Late Uncle Used To Play The Drums. My First Passion is
Fashion, Of Course, But My Dream Was Actually To Make Music One I Didn’t Have
Don’t Confidence… But Friends Around Me Were Super Supportive On The Path I
Choose To Follow My Family To So I Was Yessir Why Not.

What musicians have inspired you across the years?

Kanye West is Definitely One Of My Biggest Inspiration Musical & Fashion Wise, A$ap
Rocky Really Dope Pharrell Williams, Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, Young Thug,
Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye Many Others I Mean I Listen To Different types Of Sounds
Depending On How I’m Feeling.


Rap music definitely has a distinct energy and now more than ever we’re seeing
the producers behind artists releasing their own projects. What do you think about
that relationship with a musician and his/her producer?

A Producer Plays A Huge Role in The Artist Music. Definitely Some Producers Bring The
Best in You The Energy, The Emotions And They Also Address You When You Not
Bringing Your Best In The Studio So It’s Very Important To Have A Solid Relationship
With Your Producer For Growth.

Are there any producers that you would like to work with in the future?

Yeah Definitely I Would Love To Work Pierre Bourne is Fire, Kanye West A Dream
Come Through, I’m Beyond Blessed To Having My Producer In My Life Ill Rose Praise
God We Going To Change The World.

Talk to us about some of your favourite projects and how the creative process
works for you.

I Think Too Many Lies & Liar Liar I’ve Got To Be My Favorite Tracks, Everything I
Speak About in My Music is Accurate, Lived it Or I’m Currently Going Through It ! I
Mean Depends But I Think The Shower Helps Come With Dope Melodies While Driving
I’ve Got The Best Energy… The Studio I Try To Make Things Happen I Think That’s
Kinda My Process.

I’m a fan of album artwork and there is something in the use of real imagery that I
draw to with your projects. How would you describe your physical style in relation
to your music?

I Think I Kinda Found My Style, I’m a Street Wear Kinda Person I’m Mostly inspired By
My Surroundings And The Information I Consume I Would Say, I’ve Just Recently
Started Making Music So I’m Pretty Much Exploring The Vibes, Still Discovering Things
About My Voice Studying The Vibes I Would Say.

What do you think the future holds for Trap Music and are there any other genres
you want to tap into?

Trap Music is A Genre That is Mostly About The Melody And The Vibes Pretty Much ,
Yeah Definitely Do Some R&B, POP Enjoying The Vibes!

Is there anything we should be looking to expect from 45 Degrees?

I’m Currently Working On An Exciting Project Called “ Pinocchio Mode “ Working On The
Page Of The Project Pretty Much Music Video, Merchandise Yeah That’s Where I’m
Focusing My Energy On Pretty Much, Also Working On A New Collection Temporary
Tears I’m Excited About The Future Brings Me Hope.


Credit Noa Grayevsky


Follwo 45 Degrees



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  • Donseverus
    August 5, 2019

    This man is really influential. 45 degrees comes with heat !

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