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Last week I had the chance to catch up with the Trap Mom herself, Abby Jasmine. The Staten Island native has had an exciting career at only 21. She had her No Jumper exposed video back in December, and the 1 Up tour in March supporting fellow Cinematic artist T-Pain. The Trap Mom is now gearing up to drop Abbnormal August 16th.

Twitter: @abbn0rmal_

Instagram: @abbyjasminexo

Who is Abby jasmine?

I’m just a great ass bitch all around. I’m chill and I like to make music and have fun.

What are the qualities one must have to become a Trap Mom?

You gotta be consistent, and you have to be about your business. When people think of trap mom they think “oh okay trapping she’s selling drugs” and thats where it started, but thats not really what it is. Like you [referring to me] can be a trap mom, you just gotta be about your business.

The worst date you’ve ever been on?

I was 16 in high school, and I was talking to this boy on twitter, and like back then you couldn’t enlarge their photos. He told me that he was 6 foot and tall and shit and then I pulled up to meet him and he was really short, and didn’t look like anything that he described to me. So I just got my free meal, went home, but he blocked me I haven’t spoken to him since that day.

What other female artists are you fucking with right now?

I really love Coi Leray, Mellii, Malibu Mitch, Meghan the Stallion, and Rico Nasty are definitely in my rotation

What are you working on right now?

Well, I’m about to drop my project on August 16th. Got some videos ready all that good stuff, I’m working on another project as we speak since this project is done, which I’m hoping to release in October. And ya know getting my face out there more and meeting new people

Top 3 fast food places?

Shake Shack, Chick-fil-A, and Wendys, They’re bringing spicy nuggets back.

What do you think of the new black mirror season?

I think that shit is the future. Theres been a lot of shit in black mirror that I’ve seen in articles.

Have you ever punched a stranger?

Actually yes, I was at a party and I was drunk as hell and I guess I spilled my drink on her so she tried to get me and I guess we started fighting I don’t remember much of that, but that’s what everyone was telling me. I’m not a fighter tho, I’m a lover.

What do you smell like right now?


Triller or Tik tok?

Triller. Triller is fun as hell, making the music videos and shit is fun.

How did you meet Levygrey [Boyfriend]?

We met at Cinematic, like we’d seen each other in passing and shit and we would say whats up. One day he was in the studio and I had a session right after him and I walked in, and he had some Taylor Port which is a cheap ass wine, and he was drunk as hell and spilled some on my hand and looked at him like “Oh shit, you’re kinda fine”. We linked up in Cali for the Smokers Club festival cause we were both performing and since then it’s been lit.

Go to bodega snack?

Bacon, egg, and cheese and some goldfish, or sour patch kids extreme

What are you most excited about coming up in the future?

Im just excited to see how much me as a person can go, I want to see how far I can really go. I want to see where I’m at 5 years from now and look back.


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