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Kara Marni is an up and coming RnB artist, combining modern RnB with vintage soul. Kara is currently working with The Invisible Men, whose credits include artists such as Zayn, Sia and Charli XCX. With Vogue tipping her as One to Watch for 2019. As a female artist, I was curious to hear how she found her experience in the industry and what fuels her inspiration.

When you begin writing your songs where do you get inspiration?
Inspiration comes from life experience and relationships, sadness, simply living. Usually I have a concept of what I want to write about first and then the melody comes with that.

Would you say it’s inspired by your reality?

Would you say that within the RnB industry women are subject to misogynistic views?
I would say that it’s more difficult as a female across the whole industry, there needs to be more platforms supporting women especially in the RnB world. I definitely think there are positive steps towards RnB female artist representation. Ella Mai’s success for example and Ray Blk etc. There’s a lot of female talent coming up. It does sometimes feel like we have to fight harder.
As a female artist what would you say it’s like in the industry for women?
Personally I’ve had a really positive experience and I’m really lucky, I’m surrounded predominantly by females, in my management etc. Ray Blk took me on my first ever tour, Rita took me on tour; I’ve had a lot of female support.

Which emotion would you say is the best at reflecting why you stay in this business (joy/ passion/ desire)?
It’s definitely just who I am, and what I do. I could sing before I could speak, it’s not a specific thing it’s just who I am.

Who would you want to collaborate with and why?
There’s loads of incredible people, I’m really loving Daniel Caeser, BJ The Chicago Kid is amazing, Kendrick Lamar…

How important is image these days, in terms of being an artist, have we lost authenticity within artists?
I don’t necessarily think that. I choose my outfits and have a clear vision with my videos. I think it shows another side to your personality and can kind of help back up what you are trying to say, it can be a statement. For example, with my ‘Curve’ video, it’s very retro old school, I wanted the outfits to reflect that. It helps to portray what I want it to portray.

Do you think it can show whether an artist is being true to who they are through their music?
Absolutely, I think you can tell when someone is believing what they’re doing compared to someone that’s not. You can’t sustain that when you’re trying to be someone else, you just can’t do it.

Do you prefer studio work or performing live?
Its so hard, it definitely depends what mood I’m in, right now I’m in studio mode. I think when you perform live seeing how your songs resonate with other people, its difficult to choose but ultimately I think its live because its less heavy. When you’re writing songs it can be quite heavy but when I’m performing I’m able to see the reaction of other people It’s amazing.

What would you measure your success by?
I would measure my success by my personal progress, I try not to compare myself to other people and only try to compare myself to who I was yesterday (as cringey as that sounds). It is about how happy I am doing what I’m doing and with integrity.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in terms of your career?
When I was on tour with Rita she said just make sure you’re always true to yourself, never forget your purpose and why you’re doing what you’re doing. That stuck with me because there are so many things that can go on around you but remembering what’s important which is the music and what you’re trying to say.

Do you have regrets?
To be honest I don’t, all the mistakes I’ve made have got me to where I am now. I’m thankful for screwing up sometimes. Through those situations I learn and its made me who I am today.

You can watch Kara’s latest, ‘Opposite’, down below and check out tickets for her October tour here.

Words by: Olivia Jane

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