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‘Wamp 2 Dem released in 2017 and ‘Still Loading’ released the following year are two projects with tracks that remain consistent for me and anyone else who is a fan of Giggs and Suspect. It’s only fair to praise the man responsible for melodies around productions such as ‘Say it With Your Chest’. Soon to release his first solo EP Viper speaks with Flyo.


Would you like to start by introducing yourself and telling the readers about how you got into music production?
My Name’s Flyo, I first got a taste of music production in secondary school – just out of interest, I’ve always loved music and at the time I needed another little hobby…

What was the first big project you worked on?
That would be “Loading” – a project me and Suspect put out a few years back. That got the ball rolling and a lot of people started to take notice after that. Was big for me as I made all the beats on it, I engineered and mixed it too, so it was nice to get good feedback!

What did you grow up on and which producers or artists have influenced or shaped your own work?
I grew up on mostly rap to be honest, I went through phases of East coast, West and the South for their own little period of growing up. Saying that though I don’t just stick to rap, I appreciate everything: a good song is a good song at the end of the day. Some of my influences would have to be Havoc, Alchemist, Zaytoven, Southside, Dj Quik, Daz Dillinger, RZA, Metro Boomin, Young Chop…. there are loads more, I could be here forever haha.
What do you think about the American rap scene and how it differs from UK sounds?
Both scenes are going strong atm, rap dominates the charts in the US and we’re having tracks charting now so both scenes are healthy. I think our scene differs to theirs sound-wise beacuse we got a lot of different cultures over here and you hear that come through in the music.
How would you describe your creative process? Is there a lot of artist involvement?
Really I just go with the flow, the process is always a little bit different depending on the settings, the inspiration etc.

Do you think that technological accessibility has made production easier? 
Yeah 100%, it’s become way easier for example to get hold of a DAW (digital audio workstation) and some good plug-ins, so I feel the playing field has definitely evened out.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Work harder.
It’s clear you’ve been blessed creatively through music whether it be through Radio shows, productions or your own projects. Are there any other fields you can see yourself being a part of?

I’ll see where the wind takes me..!

Can you tell us about anything we should be excited for in 2019?

My EP Supafly in June. I’m also gonna take a trip to the states this summer and get some sessions in over there, which I’m looking forward to. 
Words by Rachel Abebrese.
Photography by Juan Ortiz.

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