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Caleb Steph, the 20 year old rapper from Virginia has released his debut project ‘Bellwood product’. The project release comes with an important and captivating video for the song ‘Black Boy’ shot in the projects of his hometown Newport News, Virginia.

The cast of the video consists solely of Caleb’s family, friends and community. The visuals further contextualise meaning and motivation behind the rapper’s project: Through imagery and words Caleb illuminates issues of his community, such as police brutality, gun violence and gang rivalries.


Caleb’s poetry is essential, it unfolds to its audience as an honest representation of an intensely human experience. An experience that essentially requires endurance and honesty, two key elements of the artist’s voice and movement.

‘Bellwood product’-named after the apartments where Caleb was raised – is an intelligent documentation of an individual entwined in a disenfranchised environment. It is not only a beautiful combination of music, it is an important conversation that needs to be listened to, you can stream ‘Bellwood Product’  down below…


Words by Anastasia Bruen

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