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This week, VIPER caught up with Rika on her musical journey since the release of hit single, “On My Way”.

How has being Serbian-Indian impacted your sound?
Being half Serbian and Indian just allowed me to grow up with something a little different. I feel there are quite some similarities between the two. Maybe sometime in the future I could infuse parts of those worlds and incorporate it into mainstream music. Everyone loves to hear something different.
Do you feel like there is a lack of cultural diversity in pop music?  
In my opinion, pop music is very culturally diverse because of all the different cultures which we live amongst you can’t really have a non-diverse Industry anymore. But at the same time, there is a lack of Asians in pop music which is starting to change. Myself being half Indian, I can hopefully be a symbol which others of my heritage could look up to say to themselves that with hard work anything is achievable. It’s really important to have that kind of representation in such a large genre.
Top, trousers & jewellery: Topshop | Shades: Poppy Lissiman


The videos for your latest tracks “On My Way and Wanna Know features some great street style fashion. Has street culture been a major influence in your life?
I feel like because I was born and raised in London street culture is the culture for this generation. Everyone is looking for something more relaxed and fashionable at the same time; something which crosses over. I personally love it and I want to embrace and show it as much as I can in my work because it’s great.
“On My Way and now Wanna Know” seem to be taking over the airwaves. (Congratulations on being on BBC Radio 1’s Best New Pop and the Tune of The Weekend) Are the songs about anyone in particular?
Haha no! The songs aren’t about anyone in particular. It’s more about just general vibes; going out, having fun and being youthful essentially – and everything that comes with it! 
Did you always want to be in music?
I always listened and sang along to music for as I could remember. There’s a lot of videos of me as a kid dancing and singing with the TV trying to imitate the stars which were on the TV. I always felt like music was my happy place and has inspired me a lot. 
Choker – Fiorucci | Leotard – New Girl Order | Trainers – Nike | Jeans – Topshop | Shades – Vintage Dior by Trap Vintage
What is the best part of having musical talents? 
Being a creative is very exciting because you get to express yourself in such a vulnerable yet exquisite way and allow yourself to connect with millions of people through music. I always say music is a universal language; it’s something which you don’t need to know what they’re saying to understand how they are feeling an, in turn, feel the same way. Reggaeton music has become so popular but a lot of the people don’t even speak Spanish but still enjoy it. That’s so powerful to me.
Give us just a little sneak peek into the future. What’s next for you?
A lot of new music, a lot of exciting things are going to happen this year and I’d love have you guys follow me… keep up with me on my socials @rikaofficial.
Any performances coming up that your fans can see you live? 
Nothing I can reveal you yet but this year there’s definitely going to be some live shows!

Top, Trousers & Trainers – Topshop | Jewellery – Vintage Versace | Shades – Christianah Jones

Peep Rika’s new single, “Wanna Know” below.


Interview: Dre Decarlo | Creative Direction & Styling: Kashmir Wickham | Photographer: Kim Lang | Makeup: Georgia Hope | Hair: Abigail Ignacio

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