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Born and raised in London, “trap rock” underground rapper Ali3nhead (Aman Fessehatzion) grew up steeped in both rap & rock culture. Equally raised on the music of Kanye West as he was Nirvana, Ali3nhead taught himself how to play guitar by thrashing along with Metallica riffs, and taught himself to rap by listening to Kid Cudi and Kanye at their cerebral best. Now he is forming his own hybrid sound, a fusion of the energy of the metal that inspired him as a kid, with chest-thumping 808 bass, the mournful autotuned melody of modern trap and jittering, Martian instrumentation. This sound is drawing on an emerging London scene where wild kids are reclaiming spaces on the edge of the city, from archways in Canning Town to basements in Nunhead, to play the kind of punk fuelled trap the mainstream clubs have no space for. A new generation is rising up, and Ali3nhead is leading the way

“Raw expression can come in many forms with me… I’m weird as hell I guess – but I love it.

– Ali3nhead 

First breaking on Soundcloud, where his track Fragrance picked up serious international heat, the second half of 2018 has seen A3 (as he’s known by his cult-like fan base) taking on countless live shows, tearing down venues with moshpit-triggering performances that fizzle with tension and release. Steeped in Afrofuturist imagery, the A3 EP sees Ali3nhead collaborate with his regular production partner MG to create 5 tracks that deal with alienation, transhumanism, cosmic musings, mythology, rage, and love. With each track on the EP accompanied by a psychedelic, glitching video created by rising 17-year-old video prodigy BvdLvd, this first release proper from Ali3nhead is a complete artistic statement, announcing the arrival of a thrilling new talent.

In Ali3nhead’s own words:

“A3 is a project where I really wanted people to understand how wide my range of musical ability is. I imagine it like a new breed of human – call it A3 – it’s very futuristic, with cold beats and vocals. I want to create my own movement rather than follow anyone’s ideals. My favourite song on there has to be Crystal Lake, it’s timeless, nothing’s like hearing that sh** in the rain.”

“I love music that makes you forget and vent, you know? Raw expression can come in many
forms with me… I’m weird as hell I guess – but I love it.”

The A3 EP is now available now on all major streaming platforms. 

A stream for the EP launch will be hosted by London’s iconic future music platform Just
Jam on Nov 14th

Watch the ‘FRAGRANCE’ Video from the ‘A3 EP’ below


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