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The beautiful and undeniably talented Rimon is one of the most exciting artists on the rise right now. The Eritrean born singer fuses elements of RnB and Soul, sprinkling her Generation Z experiences on top making it very fun and relevant to the youth of today. Rimon is based in Amsterdam but her music transcends cultures making her one to watch for 2019. Her first EP titled ‘BBYGIRL FOCU$’ takes us on a journey of a young female that falls in love and out of love. Check out our interview below where we discussed vampires and love. Don’t forget to listen to her debut EP below!

When did you finish the EP?
Like a couple of weeks ago. About a month ago. The last touch-ups were about a month ago. There are six songs on it and most of the songs were made like two years ago. They were just laying there. They were mostly demos so like choruses and maybe one verse. But it resembles a certain phase in my life. So I just got back to the tracks and finished them a few months ago and I added some new ones as well. Then a month ago I did the last touch-ups, the last ad-libs and the last things to just finish it off completely.
What is the theme of the album?
Focus and love. Falling in love and falling out of love and being empowered because of the way you handled the situation. So it’s a mixture of love and focusing on yourself afterwards. The good things about love and the bad things about love and all of that other stuff [in-between]. There’s a storyline so it makes sense. You will notice the first two songs are very euphoric and cute, then the third and fourth songs are more dark and sad and then the last two are more empowering.
‘dust’ is such a raw song. You described your partner at the time as if they were a vampire. What made you write the song like this?
Basically, we had five songs for the EP but I wanted to have three phases and I only had one sad song in the storyline, so I needed another one. But it was hard to get to that emotion again because I’m in a relationship right now and I’m happy as fuck, I’m good. So it was hard to go back to that emotion again. So I was like ”damn how am I going to do it?” I have so many notes on my phone and I went back two years ago to see what I wrote at that time and then I saw this metaphor where i imagined my ex being like a vampire because the way he handled the situation was very harsh. So I made a little poem out of it. I read that in the studio and I thought ”okay this could be something I could make a new song of.” I sang it, made a verse…it was done in one day actually and then we finished it and I was like okay this is going to be on the EP. That was one of the songs that was made now instead of two years ago but it was inspired by something that i wrote two years ago.
Was ‘sugarcoated love’ written about a previous or current relationship then?
‘dust’ and ‘sugarcoated love’ were written recently. With ‘sugarcoated love’ I needed a love song. I recorded some love songs like two years ago and I listened to them and didn’t like them at all. I was like ”the is corny” and I thought the lyrics were whack. So I said ”okay, I need to make a new love song.” I’m in a relationship right now so let me try to use those feelings as inspiration for that song. It may not be the same person but it’s still a love song and it still explains what I’m trying to say.
Before listening to the single ‘sugarcoated love’ and just looking at the title, I thought you were going to approach the song from the perspective of love being too good to be true and a relationship that doesn’t leave the honeymoon period, but you didn’t approach it in that way.
So I say ”sugarcoated love so sweet so sweet, I can’t get enough nah so sweet, I know for a fact it’ll hurt my teeth.” So basically I know love is amazing and all of that but in the back of my head it can go really wrong. He can leave me, he can betray me like the last one so in my mind there’s still a little bit of fear and that’s what I tried to explain in ‘sugarcoated love.’ You love someone and you care for them but deep down you’re like it’s so good but there must be a catch or there must be a point where this will end. It has two sides, it sounds very lovey-dovey but there’s a type of fear inside the lyrics.
What makes a guy stand out to you?
I like people that are passionate. Doesn’t matter what about just as long as you’re passionate about something. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or if you’ve got money or you’re succeeding in your passion just as long as you have something you’re very passionate about. That is something I like. Open-mindedness. There’s a lot of things. Caring. I don’t like guys that are too masculine. Like they don’t acknowledge the fact that they can cry or have emotions. I can’t handle that. I’m like ”go figure yourself out.”
Who are you listening to right now?
I’m listening to a lot of Ama Lou. I like her, just discovered her about a month ago. I’m listening to a lot of African music right now so like Wizkid, Mystro, Burna Boy. Gunna, a lot of Gunna. Amine. Yeah, that’s about it for what I’m really listening to at this moment.
Who is your dream collaboration (alive)?
I would say…ah it’s hard. It’s either Kendrick or Frank Ocean. Or Erykah. One of those three.

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