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SONGS FROM SCRATCH is and will always be about more than the connection between streetwear and music. It is an opportunity for the most exciting minds and voices in music to merge in unexpected places for a day of pure alchemy; to create with total freedom of expression. Since its inception, the project has facilitated first-time collaborations between the likes of Joey Bada$$ & Chuck Strangers, Mr Carmack & Kehlani, Chance The Rapper & Nosaj Thing – who ended up going on tour together, and Jeremih & Shlohmo – who ended up releasing an EP together. Most recently we took Clairo and Cuco to Ricky Reed’s Nice Life Studios in LA, where the two teenagers produced the indeterminable, mellow jam, ‘Drown.’
The beauty of contrast between the streets of Philadelphia and provincial France is part of why “Xternal Locus” epitomises Adidas Originals’ long-term commitment to pioneering crossovers within music, streetwear, creative arts and culture. Music in the internet age has no borders or boundaries, and this genre-defying single from Chynna and Oklou proves exactly that.
Originally from West Philadelphia, and still only in her early 20’s, Chynna Rodgers possesses a wisdom that most of her contemporaries are years away from attaining. Scouted by the prestigious Ford Model’s agency at a Six Flags theme park, aged 14, she turned her hand to music under the tutelage of the late, great, A$AP Yams. Chynna’s music is sophisticated, direct, and studded with a free-flowing and eclectic repertoire of references, and inspiration, ranging from Mean Girls, to Hitchcock, and Radiohead to A$AP Mob.
Marylou Mayniel learned to play piano and cello while growing up in the French countryside, before an obsession the music of Frank Ocean, James Blake, and Massive Attack set her on a path that would take her first to Paris, and now to LA for Songs from Scratch. The humbleness of her pastoral upbringing stands in glorious opposition to the sweeping, celestial landscapes of the dreamy, often industrial, electronica she produces and performs as Oklou. Rightly considered a wunderkind of the thriving French underground scene, her all-consuming instruments and soul-shaking vocals have been consigned by a host of influential figures in electronic music, including Night Slug’s own Bok Bok.
A combination of awareness and experience, ‘Xternal Locus’ is dark, rumbling and defiant in the face of modern anxiety. Chynna effortlessly rolls through beautifully contradictory definitions of herself over Oklou’s haunting hooks and melodies. The cut is fascinatingly deep, having been produced in such a short amount of time and is an unquestionable display of ability two of today’s most exciting musicians in their respective scenes. “In 2018, everybody needs a fucking external hard drive.” Make sure you add this one to yours.


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