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What is the heart of your music? What do you want it to do for others?
I want my music to reassure people, make them feel comfortable. When I write about my own feelings and experiences, I know that other people will have felt the same. I know I have sometimes felt scared or even embarrassed by those feelings, and I want to change that for others.

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Your most known song Make Me Cry. What/who inspired that song?
Make Me Cry was inspired by certain events in my life. Those events pushed me into a bit of a dip. I’d usually be fine when I was around other people, but when I was alone, all I’d want to do is cry. I’m luckily out of that dip, but I’m glad to have at least taken the time to understand myself a little better. It’s definitely made me more of an open person.

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Is it hard to get very personal when writing songs? I can’t imagine having to relive something every time I have to perform any song inspired by a negative experience.
It’s gotten easier to write about such personal things. I still have moments when it can upset me, but I think that just means I’ve written the words well enough to still be able to revert back, and feel the same emotion I did at that time.

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What was it like working with Moods? Get To Know You is one bumping jam.
Thank you! Working with moods was great. I never expected someone that talented to want me on one of their tracks. Last January I actually flew out to Leiden to finish recording with him. At the time I had tonsillitis but he still managed to make me feel comfortable, even with my swollen glands and hot sweats haha.

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You usually produce more mellow, easy listening type music, with a whole lot of soul, of course. Was that (Get To Know You) coming out of your comfort zone a bit?
The writing process was different with Get To Know You, as the lyrics didn’t come first. I got sent a short demo of the track, and after hearing it I started to write the first thing that came to me. Such an upbeat sound brought out happier lyrics than usual. It was quite a fast writing process, and it was really fun to write about something a little lighter for a change.

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One of your recent songs, Love The Things You Do, is such a heartfelt listen. What else can we expect from you in the near future?
You can expect the unexpected. I have much more to come, and some different sounds from the stuff I’ve released so far. I’m excited about the future and plan on keeping the ball rolling.

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Your new track “Talk About It” continues the laid-back instrumentals but is about quite serious material – did you make that decision to blend the two moods or did it just happen?
It just happened to be honest. With my two previous releases, the vocal and lyrics have come before the sound, but with this song, it was the other way round. I got played an instrumental in a session and just began writing whatever came to mind. When writing songs I think it’s all very dependent on where you’re at in life. On that particular day, at that particular time, those were the things on my mind.
Photographer: Juan Ortiz
Stylist: Terri Higgins



Written by Dre Decarlo

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