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Platinum-selling 23-year-old, Kojo Funds, first made his mark on the UK music scene with his ultimate banger ‘Dun Talking’, catapulting him to the forefront of the UK Afrobeat inspired sound. For a while now, the Ghanaian and Dominican Artist had fans eagerly awaiting an album from the London rapper, and now the wait is over. Kojo dropped off the anticipated Golden Boy’ project this weekend, made with Kojo’s signature sound and incorporating numerous vibes including Afro-swing, Dancehall, and Hip-Hop into a 16 track mixtape.


Kojo has been breaking on the fashion scene as well as in the music world, Funds has recently sported the brand new Ellesse range in their latest ‘MY STYLE IS WHO I AM’ AW18 campaign. For the first time ever, Ellesse is launching a full-scale campaign celebrating diverse style and individuality, featuring some of the most talked about faces of 2018. One of which is one of London’s leading afroswing artists Kojo Funds. The AW18 collection itself invites its wearers to express themselves with bold and bright colours, delving into the sports archive reissuing key pieces from the rich history of Ellesse


Shortly after the campaign and before his long-awaited album drop, Viper had managed to catch up with Kojo and ask him some questions on Tour life, ‘Golden Boy’ and Fashion.

Read the Full interview by Jim Loach with the man himself, Kojo Funds, below.

J: Kojo Funds, for those unfortunate to not know of you and your sounds, please can you tell us a bit about who you are and where you from?

Kojo: I’m Kojo Funds, a young black artist born and raised in Custom house, East London. My music and sound are heavily influenced by the area I grew up in but my background is Ghanaian and Dominican so I like to merge all those parts of my upbringing together to create a sound I like to call Afro-swing.

J: Congratulations on the release of your new mixtape “Golden Boy”, What does that mixtape mean to you? And have you got a favorite track yet?
Kojo: It’s been a long time coming I’ve always wanted to put out a body of work but was waiting for the right time. I’ve worked really hard over the past 2 years and have been really blessed with what I’ve been able to accomplish, this is the perfect timing to round up my journey and growth while really positioning myself as an artist. I couldn’t pinpoint my favorite track, because I love them all. I’ll let the fans choose.


J: You’ve just announced your first debut UK tour, what can we expect from that?

Kojo: This is going to be my first tour so will be very special, loads of energy, vibes and obviously loads of surprises.


J: Your Afro Swing sound is so distinctive, We’re interested into who are your inspirations in music?
Kojo: I get inspired by a lot of old school sounds like a new jack swing,  gangster rap, and dancehall


J: It sounds like your tour will be a movie for sure, what have been some of your best highlights when performing?

Kojo: When I performed at 02, that was definitely a highlight for me.  20,000 people deep, the energy was crazy. Hearing all those people sing your songs, it was humbling and I’ll never forget that. Coming out during Young Thugs set at Wireless in 2017 was also a huge moment for me too, that was my first time at Wireless and for him to bring me out was big, it was a lot of fun.


J: We’ve just seen you do your flex with Ellesse, the campaign was incredible. How did all of that come to life? 

Kojo: I’ve always been a fan of Ellesse’s heritage style so when the chance came up to work with them on the 2018 campaign I couldn’t say no.


J: Who / What song – do keep finding yourself playing on repeat at the moment?

Kojo: I’ve been listening to my mixtape nonstop, the tune I’ve been listening to on there the most is track called ‘High grade’. That’s just what’s reflecting my mood right now, it’s a really chill melodic tune.


J: If you could shut down any venue in the world, where would it be and why?

Kojo: I’ll like to shut down Wembley stadium because of the capacity and the atmosphere would be mad. I would fill it and just have the best party for all my fans


J: And who would you do it with?

Kojo: I’ll shut it down with all my mandem.


J: Who would you most like to work with at the moment?

Kojo: I’ll like to work with Ed Sheeran to be honest. I rate him a lot and he’s very talented

Kojo Funds released his debut mixtape ‘Golden Boy’ and the album is available to stream and play across Apple Music, Spotify and all major platforms now.

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Kojo stars in the new Ellesse ‘MY STYLE IS WHO I AM’ Campaign for AW18 and the collection is now available and you can find out more at www.ellesse.co.uk/MyStyleMyRules 


Kojo Funds for Ellesse by Bossy LDN


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