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X-Factor 2017 winners Rak-Su are back with their latest single ‘I want you to freak.’ The Watford boys are gearing up to release their debut album and giving us breadcrumbs as to what it could sound like. Currently, we have no idea what it will sound like but what we do know is that it has a lot of potentialCheck out our chat with all of the boys and their latest single below!

How has the last year of your life been?


Ashley: The past year has obviously been quite a roller-coaster. This time a year ago exactly we would’ve just quit our jobs. Just about to start the X Factor house where we eventually lived. On the back of that at the top of the year, we stopped going into offices and our lives have revolved around the studio. So we’ve just been writing, recording a load of songs. We were fortunate enough to go on tour in February and then again with Little Mix in July. We got to shoot our first music video abroad in Antigua, a writing session in LA. So yeah…life has changed quite a bit.


What was the session in LA like?


Jamaal: That was amazing! When we got there it was pretty much hit the ground running. We jumped straight into sessions and off the back off the back of winning the show we won a prize with Ali Tamposi so we went over there and yeah just got an opportunity to work with some amazing people.


We had sessions finishing at 6 so we had some time to take in the beautiful LA. It was a great opportunity to go out there and expand our tracks. The vibe was completely different as well. In London, the studios are quite dark. Whereas in LA they’ve got views of the hills. You step outside and get these amazing views and everything is a bit slower and more chilled out.


The new single is quite different to ‘Pyro Tings’. Was this done intentionally?

Ashley: We’ve been making music for a few years and released a couple of EP’s independently and we always made a range of music. We were quite heavily influenced by funk and the selection sound. And we kind of knew our first single being ‘I want you to freak’ was going to be closer to the mellow things we’ve done on the show. So we took the chance to put something out that was completely different so that people can see there’s other types of music that we really like and there will be some other things we do in the future away from our current singles.


Jamaal: Also we had the opportunity to go on tour with the little mix girls and it was an opportunity for us to put something out which would give us something new to perform and give the fans something new to relate to. It was quite a long time between the X Factor and the ‘I want you to freak’ single so we wanted to have something else so we could have a fresh take on things.


What do you guys have planned for the next 6 months?


Mustafa: Hopefully release the second single and album will be done before the end of the year. And we will be touring next year.


Ashley: Music videos and hopefully the aim is aside from the album to get involved in a lot of other things as well. So ideally to get ourselves out to go and do a colours Berlin, also to do some stuff with uni lad and ideally for me and Myles growing up as rappers if we could get near a fire in the booth that would be amazing too. So loads of new music, tour, video album and everything else around the T.


Jamaal: I plan to own a Ferrari in the next 6 months as well.


Quickfire questions:


Favourite tv show?

Ashley: Power.

Jamaal: My wife and kids.

Mustafa: Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Myles: Power.


Woman crush every day?

Jamaal: My woman crush everyday is my girlfriend Shereen Cutkelvin.

Mustafa: No comment…

Ashley: I’ve got a couple. I’m going to go with Normani right now.

Myles: I’ve also got a couple, probably too many to be honest. I don’t know, there was one girl I found on Instagram. Some famous bird on Instagram. I think she’s an actor. So if it’s not my missus it’ll probably be her.


Favourite food after a night out?

Jamaal: Last night’s pizza but heated up in the microwave-preferably dominos.

Ashley: Wok to walk on oxford street. After a night in the city just go there, get myself some noodles and I’m good.

Myles: Probably McDonalds…

Mustafa: Chicken fried rice or egg fried rice


Best smelling aftershave?

Jamaal: My aftershave game is pretty weak. I’d probably go for Baccarat only because I smell it on Myles or one of our choreographer’s Jay. But man don’t have that baccarat money yet so when the ferrari comes we’ll spray that baccarat on the ferrari seats. And we’ll just be smelling like the baccarat ferrari. Nobody has that. That’s limited edition.

Ashley: Either Chanel Blue or Creed Aventus.

Myles: Baccarat, Aventus or another brand called Bucheron which is ombre.

Mustafa: I love oud. Different kinds of oud.


Favourite creps?

Jamaal: Pharell x Adidas collars or Nike off-white air prestos. Those are really comfortable.

Ashley: The Dior B22’s or a pair of 97’s.

Myles: My favourite shoe at the moment would probably be the Versace chain reactions. The green ones.

Mustafa: Nike woven vapour max. Immeba rainbow.

Check out Rak-Su’s latest single ‘I Want You to Freak’ below:

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