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The first female group signed to EMI since the Spice Girls. I think that is an accolade in itself. Their first single featured one of Nigeria’s biggest artists’ Burna Boy. Their new single features Bay area’s new rap princess Saweetie. It seems like Four of Diamonds are here to cause some ruckus and are definitely being acknowledged for doing so. Check out our interview with them as they geared up for the release of their latest single ‘Stupid Things’ featuring Saweetie.
What were your first impressions of each other?
Yasmin: It’s actually so strange. So because we auditioned to be in the band there was like 30 girls on the audition day and I actually caught eyes with Sophia first and we were walking around in circles doing vocal warm-ups and I was so scared. I looked at Sophia and she smiled at me and I was like ‘wow she’s really nice.’ Then Caroline did the exact same things and then me and Lauren ended up having a conversation. I can’t actually remember what the conversation was about but when it was decided it was the four of us, me and Sophia stayed in the same hotel room. Me and Sophia were strangers and we had to stay in the same bed but we just got on so well it was so weird.
Sophia: I’ve got a video of Yasmin stood on the bed and we’re singing as if we’re in a karaoke bar and I’m pushing her on the bed…It’s so funny.
That sounds quite organic.
Sophia: Yeah definitely. I think that’s one of the reasons why we feel like we work. If it wasn’t meant to happen we wouldn’t have got on. We live together now. We’re like sisters. We have our moments where we get on each others nerves but we always just talk it out and that’s it. We’ve never really had a big bust up. We just deal with everyday as it comes. We live together…you don’t live and work everyday with your family, but we have to do that. So the fact that we can do that and it’s so smooth it’s a blessing.
So there’s a 5-year gap between the oldest and the youngest of the group. Is that literal with the dynamic of the group. The oldest being the mature parent like figure and the youngest being the baby of the group?
Both: Haha Yeah!
Yasmin: When we get a bit too rowdy and a bit too hyper she just calms us down.
Who are your biggest inspirations?
Sophia: Music for me would be Alicia Keys. She’s my absolute fave. I really love Tory Lanes and I think I’d probably have to go with Usher. Fashion wise I like Olivia Culpo-the supermodel…She’s got a really good style. But I think the good thing about us is that we’re all very individual with our style. We take inspiration from lots of different things. Like if we see an outfit from anyone it doesn’t matter who it is, we’ll be like ‘oh I like that.’
Yasmin: My main one is Rihanna for music and fashion and then Post Malone and The Weekend.
Who are you guys listening to right now?
Sophia: We really love the new song by Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane and Kodak Black, ‘Wake up in the sky.’ That is such a tune.
Yasmin: The new Drake and French Montanna tune ‘No Stylist’
Sophia: I feel like at the moment urban music is popping.
Yasmin: Yeah it’s popular music now.
Sophia: It’s so good to hear a bit of that in the charts. For a while, it was so heavily dominated by pop. It’s a different type of urban music. I don’t know if you could call it either RnB or Hip Hop but we’re loving it at the moment.
Sophia: And that Kanye West track with Lil Pump.
How did your latest single come about with ‘ICY Girl’ Saweetie?
Yasmin: We were obsessed with Icy girl. So when it was put forward to us that the label wanted a feature on it we were thinking of people we could have. We had Burna on the first one, so we were thinking of a female rapper we could get on the track. We can’t get Nicki Minaj. Then we were looking through our playlist and we saw ‘Icy girl’ was in it. So we were like ‘what if we can get Saweetie on it, that would be mad!’ So we asked the label to contact her, they contacted her and she agreed and said she loved the song. So they flew her over, we shot the video and the rest is history.
Check out the latest single ‘Stupid Things’ by Four of Diamonds featuring Saweetie below:

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