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First, briefly introduce yourself.
Well my name is Jacob but I make music under the name Puma Blue.


What inspired the name Puma Blue?

I’ve always wanted to call myself something other than just my name so I figured it would be nice to have more of a like a character name I guess. I just thought it would be cool to have something which was kind of like a double barrelled super hero name, kind of like Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters or even Leadbelly. That was the initial idea. ‘Blue’ was always the perfect fit to me, it’s kind of the obvious part of the name – it couldn’t have been anything else. Then one day I had ‘Puma’ jotted down on a bit of paper and I was like “oh shit”. It just kind of made sense, you know?


How did you begin making music was it a particular influence or circumstance?

I first started playing the drums around the age of 7 and I just knew that I really wanted to make music so I got more into songwriters in my early teenage years.  Guys like Damien Rice or Elliott Smith influenced me and made me realise that I wanted to contribute to the lyrical and harmonious side of creating music. I just took it from there and started off with jazzy acoustic tracks and with time I discovered more music and found myself influenced by artists like Julie London, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. Over time my sound has has just become more refined and now it sounds like it does. It’s not really a style to me really it’s more like an attitude. It’s less about genre and more about approach if that make sense?


How would you describe your sound?

I’ d say It’s fluid and kind of dark. I think my sound is gritty in a slightly more organic way, if that doesn’t sound completely pretentious. I’m just really into dynamics and embracing music which is really soft and beautiful but also quite dissonant and aggressive. I’m always trying to keep a balance.


As a creative artist, is there anyone you’re influenced by?

More recently I guess it’s been people like Frank ocean and Burial. Also that new guy Brent Faiyaz, have you heard of him?


If you weren’t doing music right now what would you be doing?

Probably making films or writing.


What is the best song you’ve written and why?

My favourites are off this new body of work I’ve just finished, but of my stuff that’s out at the moment I think maybe ‘Only Trying 2 Tell U’ is the most vulnerable and simple – those are the hardest ones to write so I love that one. It’s super old too so it feels special to me.


How has 2018 been for you so far?

This has been the best year of my life so far.


What is to come in the future for Puma Blue?

I’m just about to release a new body of work and then I really want to make an album, I love albums. Other than that, I’m just gonna stay collaborating and work on some new visuals. I’d love to release a book of poems as well. But I don’t know, I’m just gonna go with the flow – be present.







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