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Due to popular demand, ‘my favourite mixtape’ has made its way back to Viper. In this series, we get insight into what some of our favourite artists’ favourite mixtapes are and why. To kick things off we had Lotto Boyzz-Ash and Lucas tell us what their favourite mixtapes were.




My favourite mixtape is More Life. My favourite song on it is “Do Not Disturb” because it’s the realest song on there. The lyrics, content and delivery were sick! I first heard More Life in the car with my cousin and at the time I could relate to most of the tracks on there. Musically, it showed me how diverse an artist can be and showed the different sides they can have. If there was a song I wish I wrote it would be passion fruit because its sound smooth.




My favourite mixtape would have to be to be by Benny Banks ‘Patiently Waiting Vol 2.’ It stood out to me because of his authentic style delivering reality rap about his personal life. First time I heard it was 2011 I was still in secondary school. It came at a significant time to me because I was also putting together a body of work at my youth club at the same time. It affected me musically in a sense that it helped me to develop when I was writing conscious lyrics and piecing stories together My favourite song was “One For The Women” just the whole storyline caught me from start to finish something I like to vibe to in school. The song I wish I wrote from the mixtape was “See Me Now.” It’s a mixtape I like to play every now and then especially when I’m on a long flight or drive



Words by Ash and Lucas
Photographer – Thai Hibbert
Stylist – Nayaab Tania

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