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Even as an avid music listener, I’ve begun to fall into the trap of listening to what’s popular and currently it’s all sounding very similar. Coming across an artist that is genuinely unique is like panning for gold in a random river that a friend told you their uncle’s cousin found gold in once. It’s not impossible, but it’s becoming rarer by the second. Therefore when you do find a unique artist, it’s something that you can’t forget.  
Zer0 is an emerging duo signed to independent label Sapiens Recordings. Their new single ‘Orpheus’ showcases a wide variety of flavours. Balancing ethereal James Blake-like vocals with lyrically punching raps, this new duo is one to watch. The track starts out sounding as if you’re in a blues/jazz cafe with a live band playing and progresses into a low fi minimalist type vibe halfway through the song. And then it takes you back to the blues cafe. Without giving too much away, listen to the new single ‘Orpheus’ by Zer0 below.

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