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Emerging from Brighton, UK. El. Train is one of the most exciting producers coming up right now. El Train has already collaborated with members of the new uprising in UK Hip Hop and RnB including artists such as Bassette, The Age of L.U.N.A and the Cold Callers.  After recently releasing his first single of 2018 titled ”She” featuring Barney Artist, we spoke to the producer about his influences and what he’s got going on in 2018.

Firstly, briefly introduce yourself?

I’m a Producer/DJ from Brighton who guys by the name El. Train. I make Hip Hop/R&B music heavily inspired by the West Coast beat scene.


What is your favourite song you’ve worked on and why?

I think I’d have to say ‘goodforme’. It’s the closest I’ve got to marrying the sounds of Hip Hop and House music and it’s also my favourite track of mine to play in DJ sets.



Do you think that production software becoming more accessible to just anyone is a good or bad thing for music?

I think it’s a good thing for sure. You just have to look at how many amazing producers and artists there are these days that wouldn’t have been able to make music back in the day when you had to go to a top of the range studio. Obviously, at times it can saturate the amount of music out there, but surely more accessibility can only be a good thing in the grand scheme?


What influences you as a producer?

Just discovering new music really. I always like to listen to some new music before I start working on a new track, it just inspires me, hearing what others are doing. Sometimes I might hear a certain sound I like to replicate, other times I might just be inspired by a certain vibe in a track.


How did you begin making music? Was it a particular influence or circumstance?

I first started getting into music when I was given a guitar for I think my 14th birthday and I was just finding and learning how to play songs I liked. It wasn’t until a couple of years later though when my sister brought home the first NERD album that I took an interested in production. I fell in love with the album and that led me to watch videos of Pharrell and The Neptunes in the studio, from there I downloaded a copy of FL Studio and I’ve been hooked ever since!


What draws you to creating instrumentals?

I only really noticed this recently but I don’t think I really know the lyrics to more than about 5 songs. When I listen to music I’m purely listening to the instrumentals. I could tell you the vocal melodies to 100s of songs, but when it comes to actually remembering the lyrics I have absolutely no idea!


What, for you, is the perfect beat?

I think I’d have to go for Kaytranada’s remix of Teedra Moses’ ‘Be Your Girl.’ Hard to think it’s now 5 years old as it’s still on repeat to this day. Whenever you drop this in a DJ set, people can’t help but dance!



Can you tell us about any projects coming up in 2018?

I’m currently finishing off an album. It’s been about 2 years in the making, working with different vocalists and musicians and is just a culmination of all the musical styles I listen too and love.


Who has been your favourite person(s) to collaborate with?

I think I would have to say Miki Rose. We originally worked on a song over the internet and then when she was over in London from LA we had one session and managed to create a whole EP! Since then we’ve become really good friends and have loads of unreleased tracks which will hopefully see the light of day sooner rather than later.


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