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1982 was a significant year in the US, marking the end of a hefty recession. Fitness became a heavy focus for the recovering population, ultimately leading to an increase in the popularity of many sports brands. Styles became relaxed and sportswear pieces became staples for many citizens at the time. Sportswear was projected into the spotlight during the early 20th century as a result of the demand for a look that balanced comfort with function. Mass-marketing campaigns gave way to lifestyle brands sharing a vision. Labels like Calvin Klein began to push boundaries with iconic yet controversial campaigns.

Heavy branding and artist endorsement projected by companies such as Tommy Hilfiger gave us a new wave of visuals. First baseman and designated hitter Eddie Murray was just one of an extensive list of athletes to teach us the power of moving image and its impact on sportswear branding.

Trend analysts everywhere will testify the cyclical nature of fashion. It’s no surprise that the resurgence in heritage sports brands has been heavily welcomed. Classic pieces and silhouettes have made a comeback bringing heavily branded items into the spotlight. There may be the absence of a recession but globally there’s a renaissance of comfort through relaxed styles.


Photography by Shivneet Kaur

Styling by Rachel Abebrese

Models: Cozy, George and Mandy

Clothing Credits:

    1. Mandy wears jumpsuit by Fila and boots by Prada.
    2. George wears overshirt and bottoms by Kappa and trainers by Adidas.
    3. Cosy wears jumper by K.Swiss and shorts by Kappa and trainers by Fila.
    4. Mandy Wears jumpsuit by Fila.
    5. Cosy wears tracksuit by 424 x Hummel and trainers by Raf Simons x Adidas.
    6. George wears hat by 47 and top by Kappa.
    7. Mandy wears jacket, tank top and shorts by Ellesse.

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