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The Russian designer had announced less than an hour ago that his namesake brand that has been openly admired and has played an integral and long-lasting role in fashion will now come to an emotional end. The catastrophic news was announced via the brands Instagram account earlier this morning and states that although the brand Gosha Rubchinskiy will end, the designer himself will continue to contribute his respected ideas and efforts towards the industry in a different light.

Gosha Rubchinskiy – photographer, filmmaker and fashion designer had begun his distinctly Russian designer label in 2008, debuting his S/S ’09 collection titled “Empire Of Evil” (referencing Ronald Regan’s description of the USSR). Gosha had spoken about where the ideas for the brand have come from and disclosed that “the main idea is the beauty of Russia and it’s next generation”.

“Since the collapse of the USSR and the advent of social media, Russia has experienced a huge cultural upheaval and is a thriving hotbed of young creativity. ” said Rubchinkiy to the Business of Fashion last July.

Since then, the designer has received an overwhelming welcome to the fashion industry with his undisputed Russian boyhood charm and youth-obsessed ideology portrayed effortlessly into every single piece made. He has firmly engraved his name into the stones of contemporary fashion as we know it today, by drawing his influence from the fall of the Iron Curtain, Soviet Russia and Russian street & youth culture. In his prestigious career at Gosha, Rubchinkiy has worked harmoniously with an extensive list of designers and brands to assist and broaden his vision including Burberry, Retrosuperfuture, Adidas, KAPPA, Fila, Reebok, and Vans to name a few.

The designer posted this statement via his Instagram page earlier this morning –







The statement addresses the closure of the ‘Gosha Rubchnsnkiy’ label and creates a bearable cliffhanger. In the caption, the post saw Gosha write #PACCBET – The caption has now been removed however, this could implement that the designer could just be focusing his efforts primarily elsewhere (PACCBET) and needed to abort his namesake label to do so. A little over a year ago now, Rubchinskiy-backed skate clique PACCBET formed into a long-anticipated dream come true for the designer. Close friends Gosha and Pro-skater Tolia Titaev had given birth to the skate brand PACCBET pronounced ” Rassvet” In Russian. The skate brand has collaborated with lifestyle and workwear giants Carhartt and has been dubbed as the skate brand fashion wants. Gosha and Tolia bonding over a 10-year friendship which has seen friend Titaev model for Gosha’s campaigns and runways throughout the whole brand existence and has been said that they have always wanted to create a skate label for many years.

PACCBET x Carhartt SS18 Campaign

All we can really say is keep your eyes glued to Gosha, his movements and the PACCBET Dawn Rising Sun graphics. It may just lead on to something bigger than what we know.



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