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As a debut topic series that shines a spotlight on individuals coming from different artistic and creative realms, we deliver you an insight to the people who you should begin to get familiar with.

Fontzerelli – Artist & Rapper

First to start this series is recording artist Fontzerelli, at 28 years young, he is a British recording hip-hop artist coming from London’s south-west of the river with a lot to say, backed up with his nostalgic melodies. Calling himself a Hip-hop and R&B head, Fontzerelli delivers his new release “Llow Dat” that has been showcased on the respected and familiar GRM Daily and BBC’s 1Xtra platforms, the track is a motivational anthem and sends an awakening message to his listeners.

FONTZERELLI – Photographed by Lucy May Baker

His music has been organically influenced by sounds and genres that have fallen upon his young ears when growing up in South London’s Battersea. Listening to Reggae, roots, dancehall and what he calls “Orginal R&B” belonging overseas and born from the success of Motown and Stax recordings in the early 60’s and 70’s decade of America. Fontzerelli is a living example that by absorbing a variety of genres and taking elements of each sound and interpreting it into his own music has shaped his music style and perfected Hip-hop flavour. ‘Fontz’ obtains in-depth hip-hop music library from his childhood, early rap artists such as 80’s hip-hop group EPMD, Keith Murray and Big Daddy Kane were mentioned to be those that paved his musical influences back to back with Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole as his modern-day hip-hop inspirations

The freshly released ‘Dev x Huie EP’ is available to listen on Fontzerelli’s Bandcamp only and exclusively released on cassette tape with every copy arriving with a free walkman. The EP delivers a mixture of feel-good hip-hop beats and blissful 90’s vocals with a Londoners echo. Fontzerelli’s debut album “Vibe” is also available to listen via his SoundCloud which is listing shoulder shifting beats that are guaranteed to make you ask yourself why haven’t you heard of him before, more so to keep you plugged into his sounds and journey throughout this year. Fontzerelli is soon to announce his first UK tour in where you can find yourself in for something a little more eccentric with a silent disco approach making him an undoubted one to watch this year.

FONTZERELLI – Images by Lucy May Baker


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