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Astrid Andersen Womenswear A/W18

The Danish designer releases first look of her womenswear Autumn/Winter Collection.

Taking us back to reminisce about the London Buffalo era, Here is the Astrid Andersen Womenswear Autumn/Winter ‘18 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Astrid’s intentions being to inspire and educate her admirers, customers and the world, the Danish designer of 31 being deeply influenced by the Buffalo era, she emphasises on the cross cultural and cross generational significance within the Buffalo era. The models walked the runway at Copenhagen Fashion Week week gracefully showcasing Andersen’s Women’s Autumn/Winter collection.

Experimenting with iconic imagery from the 80’s can be seen referenced throughout on selected pieces of the collection. Photographed by the masterful works of Mark Lebon Of Jeny Howorth styling by Caroline Baker, all three defining in their own right. Using the images in testament to their commitment to inspire.

Celebrating an era of which sentimentally moved, dared and pushed Andersen in regards to influencing and perfecting her craft and furthermore, not settling for any less than her dreams. London remains central throughout the runway show in Copenhagen, merging elements of the rave and the decadent.

Astrid Andersen Womenswear Autumn/Winter ‘18 Image courtesy: The Lobby London


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