[EDITORIAL] POWER PLAY - THE Modern Day Women In Today’s Culture - Viper
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[EDITORIAL] POWER PLAY – THE Modern Day Women In Today’s Culture

Power Play – The Modern Day Women In Today’s Culture

Women in todays culture are undisputably a force to be reckoned with. By embracing the modern day female, not only are there more women starting thier own successful business’ and empires, they are using thier womenly assests, often over looked I may include, to play the game more so play it well and win.

Fashion being an expressive channel used to inform and educate people of ones persona. Dressing the part and in an appropriate manor can emphasise characters and perceptions of the modern day woman. A fashion showcase to elaborate in a feirce and powerful light, ‘Power Play’ displayed in this editorial we wanted to show how the modern day woman takes pride and lives for fun having being sexy, serious and badass bossing to make room for themselves within a male dominated culture

Jumpsuit: Alexandra Long. Belt: Rokit London

Jumpsuit: Alexandra Long. Belt: Rokit London

Coat: Alexandra Long. Track Top: Unknown Glasses: Stylists Own

Nana wears: Tshirt: Alexandra long. Suit: Eve Woodhouse. Neckalces: stylist own. Jordaine wears: Jacket: Alexandra Long. Track Jacket: Unknown. Glasses: Stylists Own

Jordaine wears suit jacket: Eve Woodhouse T-Shirt & Shirt: Alexandra Long Durag: Stylists Own

Jordaine wears durag: stylists own Suit jacket: Eve Woodhouse T-Shirt & Shirt: Alexandra Long Nana wears T-Shirt: Unknown Choker: Topshop Trousers: Eve Woodhouse

Jordaine wears – Long sleeve: Alexandra Long Track Bottoms: Unknown

Nana wears Jacket: Eve Woodhouse Shirt: Eve Woodhouse Jordaine wears coat: Bianca Saunders. Jacket: Alexandra Long

Skull Cap: FUBU. Coat: Bianca Saunders. Pinstripe jacket: Alexandra Long

Nana wears: Hoodie & Shorts: Unknown. Fishnets: Topshop. Boots: Rokit London. Shades: Stylist Own. Jordaine wears – pinstripe two Piece: Alexandra Long. Bra: Calvin Klein. Shoes:Kickers. Thigh chain: Topshop

Jordaine wears – pin-stripe suit by Alexandra Long. Bra: Calvin Klein.  Thigh Chain: Topshop

Nana wears – Hood: Unknown Fishnets: Topshop Boots: Rocket Vintage

Coat: Alexandra Long. T- shirt & shorts: Unknown. Boots: Rokit London

Shades: Rokit. Coat: Alexandra Long

Coat & Jacket: Eve Woodhouse. Trousers: Bianca Saunders. Fishnets: Topshop

Photography: Naomisha Phillips @naomishaxph

Styling: Kashmir Wickham @kwstyling

Hair Stylist: Abena @adonairhair

Make up Artist: Dan Delgado @dandelgado_

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