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Artist: Jaz Karis
Project: Into The Wilderness

Jaz Karis recently released the incredible 6-track EP, ‘Into the Wilderness’.

The project, which features the likes of Tinyman, Afronaut Zu and Silkey, is a truly remarkable piece of work from one of London’s most cerebral voices of soul. ‘Into the Wilderness’ illustrates a maturity of Jaz Karis’ music you’re unlikely to find in someone so young in this day and age. From the choice of featured artists to the choice of instrumentation, this soulful piece from Jaz Karis might just be the best UK RnB project of the year.

Featuring Tinyman the track ‘Want’ is a melodic backdrop of 90’s soul funk, providing Jaz with the perfect opportunity to drop her timeless RnB vocals on a beautifully constructed rhythm only the likes of UK trio Hawk House would have been proud to produce.

The projects leaks into ‘Sweet Don’t Be Sweet’, and for those of you who are yet to have the pleasure of hearing Jaz Karis lay lyrics on a self-selected beat before, you’re soon bound by her powerful voice. The acapella-style track is nothing but infectious, reminiscent of old-school Beyonce — a claim which may sound utterly forward- but it’s hard to disagree once you’ve heard Jaz’s silk vocals glow on every note of the track.

‘You Do’, featuring Blue Lab Beats, is simply masterful; a track about her efforts to please her man, and the stresses of often not feeling worthy enough in his eyes. Again, the track is 90’s RnB-influenced, in terms of the verse-chorus-hook format and instrumentation.

The two final tracks, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Silkey’ s Reprise’ feature the very talented Afronaut Zu and Silkey. They share identical production — a melancholic mixture of church choir gospel-infused backing vocals accompanied by the piano keys, which loops the project right back to the Intro, ‘Freedom’.

The whole project only lasts 14 minutes, but the impressionable project boasts a quality of music worthy of a best-selling RnB contemporary album. The showcase from Jaz Karis in ‘Into the Wilderness’ is bound to take her to new heights and really exposes her talents as a powerful vocalist, a talented, dynamic artist. Evidently, Jaz Karis is bound for greatness.

Not taking 14 minutes out to listen to the project would be a disservice to everything you hold dear to the genre of RnB.

Words by: Victor Davies

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