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Artist: 24hrs
Song: Like Basketballs
Producer: Slick LaFlare

So 24hrs has released yet another strip-club banger for us to bump our heads to (or bump n grind depending on your mood) last week. Whilst talk of a collab with T-Pain remains delicious food for thought amid speculation, 24hrs drops something for us to feast over momentarily. Produced by Slick LaFlare, the producer responsible for Hardo’s ‘Cold’, 24hr has dropped ‘Like Basketballs’, a title that shouldn’t be taken at face value. As mentioned before, think more strip club stage and less basketball court.

24hrs has always dropped feel good/sensual tracks with one thing on his mind, and “Like Basketballs” is no different. Unleashing his feverish flow on this new track, accompanied by his trademark tone of voice, it’s not hard to imagine throwing ones to this. The catchy anthem-like track even mentions, “I’m throwing the money, I’m watching it fall”.

You just got to hear it yourself. You’re bound to repeat one or two catchy lines for the week.

Words by: Victor Davies

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