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Saturday 16th, London, Alistair James SS18 Presentation, Fitzrovia Chapel

British design duo Nicholas Alistair Walsh and David James Wise today presented their SS18 Collection Love Conquers All. The pair’s SS18 collection is a message of love overcoming hatred, taking inspiration from the fable of Sleeping Beauty and Briar Rose. Love Conquers All focuses on the fairy-tale archetypes of dreamers, lovers and villains; exploring the comfort that we find in our shared humanity with these characters and the storytellers who created them.

Each generation has it’s own interpretation of these tales dictated by the prevalent ideas of the time. Alistair James instead evokes the timeless heroine within Love Conquers All, the girl who finds strength rather than frailty in her ill-fated future. The duo has also taken inspiration from Ossie Clark in both their construction and silhouettes, focusing on his status as London’s answer to Yves Saint Laurent. Combining this with references to design couples such as Ossie and Celia has resulted in a collection that balances ease and sensuousness with raw dynamism.

Alistair James continue to explore unique hand-drawn prints in SS18, the briar rose taking centre stage as a symbol of both beauty and danger thanks to its barbed thorns. In particular the duo’s bespoke ‘Enchanted Briar’ jacquard, with its woven metallic emulating a floral spell. For this season Alistair James partners with Swarovski to create a magical ambience of the fairy-tales that have inspired the collection. The crystals themselves are being used in a range of ways, from draped chains to bespoke heart and star embellishments.

Alistair James’ continued ventures into shirting have resulted in light summer cotton voile being used for both floor-sweeping ruffle-clad shirt dresses as well as layered day dresses. These pieces take their inspiration from the May Queen, the very personification of Spring, emphasizing the ceremonial beauty of the character whilst also referencing the mood of sleepwear from Briar Rose. The colour palette for Love Conquers All takes its cue from British portrait photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, with its soft sepia tones mixed with the haunting elemental shades of blue and green that evoke the majesty of medieval tapestries. The whimsical romance of previous collections continues in SS18 with garments that seamlessly blend femininity and strength

David James Wise, Designer
“This season will be our first presentation, storytelling has always been a central part of our process, embracing this platform is allowing us to deliver a clear narrative.”

Nicholas Alistair Walsh, Designer
“As a brand Swarovski have always championed craftsmanship and creative expression; both of which are central to our ethos. By using Swarovski crystals we have been able to elevate pieces to bring our story to life.”

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