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On August 12, London’s Brockwell Park plays host to the second edition of Sunfall Festival. After the madness that was last year’s inaugural bash, which included performances from the likes of Jamie xx, Moodymann and Zomby, 2017 will prove to build on the foundation laid by last year and bring the ruckus once again.

With sets from everyone from Gilles Peterson to Ben UFO, Sunfall will be the highlight of many this year. But everyone has certain acts they are desperate to see, and we are now different. With that said, here are five performers we cannot wait to see at the festival this year.

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Jay Electronica

The enigma that is Jay Electronica may not have an album out yet after almost 10 years in the rap game, but he will definitely be bringing the noise to the Sunfall stage. Since dropping his Eternal Sunshine EP back in 2007, Jay Elect has become one of rap’s most revered and misunderstood MCs, earning praise and criticism (for his lack of output) in equal measure.

His is an energy and stage presence that almost contradicts his mellow delivery on record, but that just shows how layered the man is. Expect classic tracks ‘Exhibit A’ and ‘Exhibit C’ and newer releases such as ‘Letter to Falon’ to release something wild in the crowd.

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From one enigma to another, Madlib The Bad Kid’s set at Sunfall will be one to remember. The celebrated producer, rapper and DJ is known for his jazzy soundscapes and experimentation, and he has created stone-cold classics as Quasimoto and with the likes of MF DOOM and Freddie Gibbs.

Watching a Madlib set, you can’t help but watch and study the way the man meticulously transitions from rap to reggae to rock and right back around. He will take you on a rollercoaster on August 12.

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Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is one of the fiercest rappers in the game right now. Emboldened by a strong and alternative sense of identity, the Spanish Harlem repping MC is out to showcase that identity by any means necessary.

Being at one with herself and her Puerto Rican roots, her music translates to that self-comfort, as she lets loose her wild personality on record. Her set at Sunfall might just be the rowdiest the festival will have to offer, but also the most memorable.

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Roy Ayers

Roy Ayers is a musical genius. With a career spanning over 50 years, you can’t describe in any other way except for innovator. From creating classic anthems to influencing everyone from Pharrell Williams to Tyler, the Creator, Ayers has done it all in this music game.

His Sunfall set will do a great job to create nostalgia for older heads while bringing in younger ears who may not be so woke to his greatness. Expect a whole festival to sing in unison when ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’ comes on. Especially if the sun is out!

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Bradley Zero

Bradley Zero is a name to be reckoned with. The head honcho of London-based label Rhythm Section, Zero has rocked clubs around the world with his team, delivering a fresh dose of everything from funk to house. Audiences continue to feel a groove, and at Sunfall, Zero will be bringing a party to south London.

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