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With just over two months until the maddest party of the summer takes place, the good people over at Outlook Festival are getting ready in earnest for their 10th anniversary. The latest in their 2017 series, they have enlisted the legendary hands of DJ and producer Spooky Bizzle, for a special ‘DUBLOOK’ mix. The grime veteran dips his feet in the water of dubstep in the 65 minute jam, with plenty of twists, turns, and waves throughout. Check out the mix below, and read on for Spooky’s vision of UK music in the coming years.

Tell us about the mix – what do you imagine people doing when listening to it?

Well it starts off dark, it gets a bit ital towards the middle and ends in some tear-out towards the end, with a couple classics, so it depends on what mood you’re in.

How would you describe the relationship between dubstep and grime?

They are brothers who ended up going two different paths, then linked up again but this time they are wiser and more mature even though they are two peas in a pod, really.

What are your earliest memories of grime music?

Pirate radio stations in tower blocks and abandoned flats, chilling in Rhythm Division, reading the latest RWD Mag, the scores of under-18 and under-21 raves (which there is a lack of today), building bootlegs on Fruity Loops in my mate’s bedroom. Just a few early memories.

How has your own musical taste developed over the years?

I’m chasing the music from my childhood, so I’ve been on the ‘Cogs buying these random reggae, lover’s rock & rare groove LPs, but on the flip-side I have fully embraced drum & bass now.

Where do you see UK music going in five years?

I hope grime doesn’t burn itself out again by jumping at every chance these big corporations shove under their nose. Just remember the times when grime was on its arse and none of them cared. Apart from that, we’re due to see a major change, some more sub-genres and at least two more revivals of genres that have ‘died out’.

How do you stay creatively motivated?

I make whatever I like these days. Be it grime, drum & bass, garage, bassline, dub etc. I have made more drum & bass since the year started though.

What do you have coming up for the rest of 2017?

Instrumental album. More collaborations. A vocal project. And launching another label strictly for my non-grime stuff.

Photo by Vicky Grout.

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