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Q-TIP stopped by Ebro Darden’s show to discuss the influence of Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ album on Beats 1. Celebrating the 23rd birthday of one of rap’s classic albums, the pair spoke on the role Tip played with production on the album…

Peep the interview above and the interview transcription below…

Ebro: From Abstract Radio we got Q-Tip. We got some major announcements about Abstract Radio coming soon so we don’t gotta deal with that yet, but today 23 years since Illmatic dropped, Q, and you was on that first project on production did some hooks and concepts and ideas. You had What were those sessions like with Nas back in the day?
Q-TIP: It was amazing. He was somebody that — as soon as anybody heard him, you just knew what it was. You knew that he was anointed. He was the golden child.

Ebro: It is like the tone of his voice, what were the other components? I wasn’t on the front line like you. People that brought Nas together as the full package. What did you guys see?
Q-TIP: It was the voice. It was the wordplay. The intelligence. He also was multifaceted. He wasn’t just one dimension. He wasn’t just talking about hustling or shooting somebody. There was a depth to it. It was just very street, b-boy, hip-hop, but it was also introspective. It was thoughtful. Urgent. Yeah man, it was just a whole bunch of things rolled up in one. So we just knew that. I think with hip-hop, we always so damn opinionated it. Like who top five, this one top five, he’s the goat. Like Kendrick drops the album, now he’s the greatest of all time. Time is not over. Everybody relax. He’s amazing, but you can’t forget so many other people who’s in the conversation. I understand the allure of immediacy and being in the now, but you have you be cognizant of where you were so you could know where you’re going.

Ebro: Tip you trying to kick knowledge?
Q-TIP: Nah but I’m trying to kick that thing that you need to learn though.

Ebro: Let’s play that join off Illmatic. Abstract Radio announcement soon coming.
Q-TIP: Crazy. All around the world. You are listening to the best damn show. Beats 1. Let’s go, anniversary of Illmatic. Yo listen, Beats 1. No other DJ can test us. You’re on Ebro there you know. You’re the king. Rule it. You might as well pack up your stuff and go home. Yeah Beats 1.

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