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Astrid Andersen returns to Copenhagen Fashion Week with the brand’s first ever dedicated womenswear show. Building on the launch of the Astrid Andersen womenswear collection that was shown last season alongside the menswear line during London Fashion Week Mens, this show demonstrates a concerted focus towards developing and growing Astrid Andersen womenswear, and a homecoming for the brand.

This season’s mood mirrors the menswear collection, which were designed alongside each other to present a cohesive vision and direction for the Autumn/Winter season. In direct response to an equal approach to life between men and women, the brand philosophy of strong but comfortable dressing is applied to womenswear. The Astrid Andersen woman is powerful and cool, in control of their sexuality, equal, and seeks to define themselves with confidence, in comfort and is looking for a new and contemporary way of expressing this.

Fabrics play with tradition and English heritage with casual corduroys juxtaposed against formal velvets and Sophie Hallette lace, then furthermore against fine gage leopard print, feathers and fur in homage to the harvesting of nature in pursuit of opulence. This season’s palette is traditional to an autumn setting in dark navy, plum and camel. Astrid continues to work with Avery Dennison to create new innovations in heart transfer applications of feathers as an elevated interpretation of Astrid’s signature branding.

Astrid Andersen re-shows her debut flat cap style created in partnership with New Era in a further exploration of the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. This season’s menswear show also saw the launch of the first Astrid Andersen sunglasses range, a movement into the lifestyle arena now being made available and shown for the female market. The Astrid Andersen e-shop recently launched at astridandersen.com making production available directly from the studio to the customer for the first time. The Astrid Andersen flagship store, adjacent to the brand’s Copenhagen studios continues to be a hub for the brand and selling exclusive items as well as their seasonal collections. The overwhelming support from the city of Copenhagen around this small shop-space, and continued readiness to participate in the Astrid Andersen universe has been a big part of the decision to return to the city.

Poet, musician and DJ James Messiah created a bespoke mix and performed live at the recent Astrid Andersen menswear show in London and this soundtrack continues to set the mood for the womenswear show. His work explores ideas about mortality, sex, society and human interaction.

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