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Cult London designer and founding father of street wear, daniel poole, launches dp All-R-1 An impressive and diverse collection of bags taking inspiration from the iconic MA-1 flight jacket. Teaming up with his brother Laurence, action sports industry veteran, the dynamic duo are re launching the brand with the hero MA-1 bag plus Pouch bags initially available to buy on Kickstarter, inviting fans both new and old to secure a piece of the collection from this much fabled creator.

With daniel poole design-DNA at the heart of the collection (his original bag made from MA-1 fabric now residing in London’s prestigious V&A museum) the brand remerges with a revitalized sense of understanding of the modern consumer, creating a series of bags for the 24-hour mobile generation with both form and function at its core. Timeless utilitarian style complimented with market-leading technology including IPS (Impact Protections System) and quality components, built with love . All R-1 in both name and philosophy, this is a collection to be worn together or apart, a nod to the brand’s intrinsic belief in the power of collective consciousness, realized both physically and spiritually.

The brand reached its height in the 1990s with stores in London, Paris and Amsterdam. dp was the cult provider of streetwear at a time when few competitors nor alternatives existed. Worn by party goers, celebrities and musicians alike (from Mary J Blyth /Take That/Goldie and Professor Cox), iconic party venue The End even referred to wearing the dp logo as ‘a badge of honour’. One of the originators of brand collaboration, the dp logo was adorned by products ranging from the technical hardware of Sony PlayStation to the cultural extremities of Star Trek merchandise. The brand is back and ready to take on a brand new space dimension. Come together and back the brand. We All R-1.

All available to buy on Kickstarter.

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