[VIDEO] 808INK – SUEDE JAW - Viper
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Artist: 808INK
Song: Suede Jaw
Producer: 808INK
Project: Billy’s Home
Director: Black Anubi$

London rap crew, 808INK are a force to be reckoned with. With a distinctly British sound, merging with influences ranging from Rap to Ragga, their sound is like none other. Their latest cut, ‘Suede Jaw’ is a great example of their experimental sound, as the beat sounds more dance-influenced than anything the group has released previously.

We caught on to them just before the release of their stunning EP, ‘Billy’s Home’ and were impressed with the diverse sounds, produced exclusively by group member 808Charmer. With Mumblez taking on the majority of the bars, and Black Anubis handling visual (and hypeman) duties, these three are set to impress.

And as we discovered last week, you haven’t really lived until you’ve seen 808INK live…

Via Lily Mercer.

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