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In 2016, adidas Originals challenges the dystopian view of the future.

In SS16, adidas Originals is introducing a new dimension to their design philosophy: the future. As a brand defined by its unique point of view on creating the future by re- inventing the past, adidas Originals is inspiring a new generation not to follow, but to challenge the status quo of the future itself.

The iconic three stripes strike through the word ‘future’, becoming a symbol for not accepting one imposed upon us by others. The conversation invites a new generation to create their own future despite all the predictions society lays upon them. Ultimately, for Originals, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

The SS16 campaign features eight creators all artists themselves, who, each in their own way; challenge the status quo of their medium.

In the film, we see them all confidently march together towards an optimistic tomorrow, dismissing hurdles of the negative future they seem to have inevitably inherited. They walk to the beat of a chant that defiantly says, “your future is not mine.”

Each member of this new community is challenging the idea of the future through their craft and creativity. Between Aleali May’s influential stance on style, Iman Shumpert creating his future both on the NBA courts and on the mic, Kyu Steed crafting his own music style, pushing past influences into his own and Design Butler’s irreverent transformation of personal influences, the message each one of them communicates is clear: your future is yours to create.

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